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Talesingers' Circle

Roleplaying Fan Fiction

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This is a community for fan fiction based on roleplaying games. Your community maintainer is thegamemistress. Feel free to post fan fiction based on either tabletop or online RPGs.

I have only a few rules:

1. Please make an attempt at acceptable grammar and spelling. No one-paragraph stories written at a first-grade reading level, please.

2. Be nice, and respect the authors. Constructive criticism is acceptable; writing a foul-mouthed comment just to insult an author's work is not.

3. If the story is long, use an LJ cut, or link to it.

4. All stories are the property of their respective authors; do *not* re-post them anywhere else without the author's permission.

5. If your story contains adult content, graphic violence, or anything else that might be deemed offensive, LJ cut the story and put a warning in your main entry. If you're not sure what constitutes "offensive," please err on the side of caution.

Happy reading and writing!